Don’t miss back-to-school: Earn a recognized professional certificate while learning critical skills for your job!

January 8th, 2014 Karine Joly No Comments

Why do your higher ed colleagues love Higher Ed Experts certificate courses?

Ask any of our grads – with 500 higher ed pros who took our courses, it’s not difficult to find one ;-) – and they will tell you that the exclusive focus on higher ed is what makes our online courses work so well for people like you, working in universities and colleges.

Find out why Michelle Monti (@MeeshelleM), Digital Media Specialist at Brown University, took this course in the summer of 2013 when she was Associate Director of Communication at a small liberal arts college, liked it and still recommend it today in this 2-min video recorded in June 2014 via Skype.

Find out why Kelsey Seymour (@kelseylseymour), Communications Officer at UNB took, liked and recommend this course in this 2-min video recorded in June 2014 via Skype.

Find out why Lydia Anthony (@Lydia_Anthony), Web Content Manager at Converse College took, liked and recommend this course in this 90-second video recorded in June 2014 via Skype.

Don’t wait to reach your professional goals!

Professional development doesn’t always have to mean conferences and travel. If you have some budget left you need to use before the end of the budget year, why not let us help you complete an important project for your unit as you learn a critical skill for your higher ed career this summer?

Our instructors will keep you accountable if you register for one of our 4-week professional online courses starting September 15. Our courses are not only designed to help you learn critical skills for your higher ed career, but also to complete full-blown projects for work – as you learn. No time wasted :-)

So, what do you want to achieve?

wahe_certificate_promoflatGet the help you need to reach your goal (and earn a certificate) by August 3 if you want to:

Registration for our next session closes on August 29, 2014, but places are very limited.