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Top Tips for Killer Analytics Reports for #highered
From Higher Ed Experts

A Brief Analysis of 2374 College Emails
From Reddit

An Interview with the Student Who Analyzed 2,374 College Emails on Reddit
From Way Better

Going Beyond Email for Alumni Engagement
From Inside Higher Ed

Social Media Accessibility: Alt Text and Closed Captioning
From ND Stories

Other News

How to Increase Your Chances to Present at a Higher Ed Marketing Conference in 2019
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3 Questions on #highered Analytics to Karine Joly, Higher Ed Experts Director
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Six Steps for a Successful Web Governance Strategy
From Inside Higher Ed

Is Email Dead or Did College Admissions Kill It?
From Target X

Members Risk Falling Offline if They do not Comply with New Domain ame System (DNS) Protocols
From Jisc Blog

Get ready for 2019 with the 7th #highered Analytics Conference
From Higher Ed Analytics

Facebook Knowingly Duped Game-Playing Kids and Their Parents Out of Money
From Reveal

Understanding Facebook’s Business Model
From Facebook Newsroom

The Ultimate Guide to Facebook Stories in 2019
From Later

Facebook to Encrypt Instagram Messages Ahead of Integration with WhatsApp Facebook Messenger
From TechCrunch

Newsletter: #HEA19 Sneak Peek, #highered Redesign Story, Internal Candidate, Algo & Privacy, LOL at FB
From Higher Ed Experts

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