5 things I’ve learned teaching social media marketing for higher education #hesm

Teaching is the best way to learn. I’ve learned so much (and keep learning) about social media marketing in higher education with your colleagues who’ve enrolled in the 8-week professional certificate I teach since 2011. How I fell into teaching… I stumbled into teaching social media marketing almost by accident in 2010. At that time, […]


  • Loved the 10 minute format! Very refreshing.
    It gave a great range of topics and diversity in presenters (different countries, different types of institutions). It was well-organized and easy to set up on our end. Great job!

    Julia Jones-Bourque, University of Alberta. Julia Jones-Bourque, University of Alberta,
    Higher Ed Content Conference Alum

  • Higher Ed Experts online conferences are a great way to offer networking and professional development opportunities to faculty, staff, and student employees who might otherwise be unable to participate in an in-person conference of this type and quality.

    Teri Williams, Boise State University. Teri Williams, Boise State University,

  • This conference provides a digestible deep dive into varying topics in short time frames, it is perfect for those who have an understanding of social media and are looking to converse, learn from and share the best of HESM.

    Jessica McCaughey, College of the Holy Cross. Jessica McCaughey, College of the Holy Cross,
    Higher Education Social Media Conference 2018 Alum

  • The conference helped to show me that we’re just scratching the surface of what we can do from an analytics perspective. It’s given us a lot to talk about what we can provide in the future for our organization.

    Jeff Stevens, University of Florida. Jeff Stevens, University of Florida,
    Higher Education Analytics Conference Alum

#HESM14 was very motivating for me and my team. We took away some great ideas for engaging the campus community and look forward to turning them into action, engagement & results!

Kelsey Seymour from University of New Brunswick. Kelsey Seymour from University of New Brunswick,

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