Top Insights on Social Media for #HigherEd from the 2017 Student E-Expectations Survey [Exclusive] #hesm

Exclusive Preview of the 2017 Student & Parent E-Expectations Survey Part 6: Social Media for Students This is the 6th part of the 7-installment series on the April 2017 RNL E-Expectations survey results. This survey focuses on the E-expectations of high school seniors, juniors and sophomores (n=4,274) and their parents (n=3,530) and will be officially […]


This course has forever shifted the way I look at my role, not just as a social media manager, but as a professional.
I have learned skills in this class that go well beyond understanding metrics and measurement and will help shape the way I do whatever job I find myself in, no matter the industry. This course is a must for people working in any type of social media manager/digital strategy role in higher education; you won’t find anyone better than Liz Gross to show you the ropes.

Meg Bernier. Meg Bernier, Assistant Director, Editorial Services & Social Media

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