4 Tips for Taking (& Completing) an Online Course for Professional Development

Technology has significantly changed teaching and learning in the last decade. From mobile devices to MOOCs, we’re experiencing unprecedented levels of access to information, knowledge, and expertise. Most of my education has been of the traditional kind: students and educators convening in a physical classroom multiple times a week for a set number of minutes. […]

  • It was a great introduction to a number of different ideas that helped us identify new areas to explore. Each segment was long enough to share valuable information and short enough to keep our interest. The talk time after each section was useful and the 10-minute breaks were just right.

    Helen Plotkin, Hendrix College. Helen Plotkin, Hendrix College,
    Higher Education Analytics Conference Alum

  • The quality of the presentations was very good, and the information was helpful, especially as I am in the middle of a rather large web project.

    Michael Marshall, University of Manitoba. Michael Marshall, University of Manitoba,

  • I would recommend the course to anyone interested in preparing web content. There are also take-aways for what works in print as well.

    Linda Dunn, Michigan State University. Linda Dunn, Michigan State University,
    Web Writing for Higher Ed Course Alum

  • This opened my eyes to a whole range of ways to quantify the work happening on our website and taught me that there is so much more to show decision makers than just pageviews.

    Jill Whitaker. Jill Whitaker, Director of Web Services at Southern Utah University
    Web Analytics for Higher Ed Course Alum

Very informative and motivational session. I’ve walked away with a number of ways to improve my web and social media reporting.

Trent Miles, Culver Academies. Trent Miles, Culver Academies,

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