Higher Ed Marketing Memos: Reaching +230K Facebook users organically with a 360-degree photo by Kelsey Seymour

A Facebook sunset post on steroids Nothing excites a social media manager like hitting “Publish” on a post that you know will wow your audience. Except maybe setting a new social media record for your account or institution. The University of New Brunswick Future Students Facebook page reached new heights in organic engagement at the […]

  • Our instructor, Joshua Dodson, did a great job of making Google analytics concepts easy to understand, even for someone starting with very little experience. I appreciated the interaction with colleagues from other institutions, and I learned from both Joshua and my fellow students. I created several Key Performance Indicator dashboards in this course that I will continue to use in my work. I am looking forward to using them to measure user behavior in ways that will help me optimize our website’s goals.

    Sonya Jongsma Knauss, Dordt College. Sonya Jongsma Knauss, Dordt College,
    Web Analytics for Higher Ed Course Alum

  • Great 4-week course on Google Analytics for those with very little to some knolwedge. I’m thrilled I now understand all of those additional components withing GA to really drive down into the data in helping adjusting website content, design and campaigns to meet our larger institutional goals.

  • This was an incredible course that has given me the tools – both tangibly and intellectually – to execute measurements that I intuitively knew were possible but just wasn’t equipped to execute. I’m so glad someone recommended this course to me, and now I’m happy to recommend it to others… even non-techies.

    Cindy Sabato. Cindy Sabato, Marketing and Advertising Coordinator at University of Rhode Island (RI)
    Web Analytics for Higher Ed Course Alum

  • I highly recommend this course. There is a good amount of work associated with the course, if you truly want to complete all readings, videos, and assignments to the best of your ability. However, if you do put the time in and do all that’s asked of you, the result is incredibly rewarding. You come out with a very good understanding of web analytics and how to put analytics in motion.

    Carrie Miller, Rhode Island School of Design. Carrie Miller, Rhode Island School of Design,
    Web Analytics for Higher Ed Course Alum

This course helped me catch the ear of upper management by teaching me how to use concrete data to justify large scale web site initiatives. It demonstrated to them that website improvements go far beyond aesthetics.

Michael Sapiro. Michael Sapiro, Online Marketing Specialist at Mercy College of Health Sciences (IA)

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