5 things I’ve learned teaching social media marketing in higher education #hesm

Teaching is the best way to learn. I’ve learned so much (and keep learning) about social media marketing in higher education with your colleagues who’ve enrolled in the 8-week professional certificate I teach since 2011. How I fell into teaching… I stumbled into teaching social media marketing almost by accident in 2010. At that time, […]

  • This course is a great option for anyone in need of a formal introduction to Google Analytics or additional ways to leverage web analytics beyond basic page views and visit counts.

    Andy Moonsammy, McMaster University. Andy Moonsammy, McMaster University,
    Web Analytics for Higher Ed Course Alum
  • SMC8

    The content this course provides is a must-have for anyone responsible for social media marketing at their institution. When I first enrolled, I thought, “Oh this will be a breeze! My job is marketing, and I manage our social media platforms.” Was I ever wrong! From the very first week I have been introduced to valuable information and tools that I was unfamiliar with. The pace of the course allowed me to introduce what I learned to my staff, and my office, and use it in our daily practice immediately.

    Angi Roberts. Angi Roberts, Information Services Manager in Admission Services at The University of Guelph
    SMC8 Attendee

  • The quality of the presentations was very good, and the information was helpful, especially as I am in the middle of a rather large web project.

    Michael Marshall, University of Manitoba. Michael Marshall, University of Manitoba,

  • This course took a program with a rather intimidating interface and made it easier for me to understand what I was seeing. I am now able to look past the interface and dive into the analysis of the data without hesitation.

    Kevin Hatgas. Kevin Hatgas, Web Coordinator at John Carroll University
    Web Analytics for Higher Ed Course Alum

This is an excellent course for anyone slightly experienced in Google Analytics and new to higher education. The course work is applicable to my job and I began using my new-found knowledge right away for real reports and for identifying areas to improve our site

Susan Miller. Susan Miller, Digital Communication Strategist, Bethel College

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