Higher Ed Marketing Memos: Why Higher Ed Marketers Need to Understand Analytics by Bryan Fendley

Digital Marketing for Higher Education? Increasingly Complex Online marketing in higher ed used to be easy. All you needed was a good student worker to post replies on Facebook, show up at a meeting with some vanity metrics, and everybody was happy. Somewhere along the way things got competitive, administration started asking questions, money got […]

  • This course exceeded my expectations. So many of the modules were perfectly in tune with projects or challenges I was facing at work! I attended two higher ed conferences while taking the course, and the class material complemented and supported what I was hearing from other experts in the field. With the knowledge base and ideas I developed during this course, I am ready to lead the social media team at my institution in the transition toward using social media to influence behaviors and support business goals.

    Lisa Miller. Lisa Miller, Comunications Specialist at SUNY Oneonta
    Social Media Marketing for Higher Ed Course Alum

  • We assembled a group of interested web and marketing pros from across our large campus because it was a webinar directed at higher education. We can learn a lot more from our colleagues than we can from big consumer marketers, and that was refreshing. Nice work!

    Harry Hayward, University of Washington. Harry Hayward, University of Washington,
    Higher Education Analytics Conference Alum

  • This was a good introduction to web project management in higher education. It provided useful tips on managing projects.

    Lisa Segura, Rhode Island School of Design. Lisa Segura, Rhode Island School of Design,

  • The pace was very quick, but I learned so much and got fired up to do so much!

    Heather Croft, University of Victoria. Heather Croft, University of Victoria,
    Higher Education Analytics Conference Alum

The conference was a convenient way for me to share a social media-focused conference with my institution’s social media team and hit on enough topics to touch on most of their areas. It will also provide the attendees and shared experience to refer to in future conversations.

Karmon Runquist, Wentworth Institute of Technology. Karmon Runquist, Wentworth Institute of Technology,

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