Who should do SEO for #highered – Outside Agency or Professional Staff?

SEO mistakes can be costly in higher ed In light of the recent conversation around UC Davis and SEO (you can also read Inside Higher Ed’s article if you don’t have access to the Chronicle), I thought I would share some pros and cons around universities outsourcing SEO versus keeping it internal. Having worked both […]


  • I would highly recommend the Advanced Web Analytics course to my digital marketing colleagues. It is perfect for the person that has a working comprehension of Google Analytics but is missing how to tie it all together in an academic setting.

    Erik Jeffries, Leeds School of Business at the University of Colorado Boulder. Erik Jeffries, Leeds School of Business at the University of Colorado Boulder,
    Advanced Web Analytics for Higher Ed Course Alum

  • It’s really easy to fall into the trap of underestimating the importance of strong social media objectives. Too often we post content ‘just because’, without it feeding into a wider strategy. This course forces you to examine your social media programme and properly think about the reasons you publish certain types of content and how you can measure success. It’s definitely encouraged me to develop social media objectives that are more strategic and will benefit the wider university.

    Jesse Alter, Imperial College London. Jesse Alter, Imperial College London,
    Social Media Marketing for Higher Ed Course Alum

  • In four weeks, I gained the resources and knowledge I was seeking to create an effective social media measurement program. The course has you apply what you learn to your current situation teaching and training you along the way. I gained so much from the instructor feedback and the discussions with my classmates. I now have a solid framework from which to build my social media measurement platform.

    Libby Dilling, MIT Sloan School of Management. Libby Dilling, MIT Sloan School of Management,
    Social Media Measurement for Higher Ed Course Alum

  • This course contains tons of good information that can help you make the right decisions about your website. It opens the door to a world of valuable knowledge of your visitors’ wants and needs. But be prepared – it’s hard work, and you need to make time for learning!

    Petra Svensson. Petra Svensson, Web Strategist at Lund University
    Web Analytics for Higher Ed Course Alum

I would absolutely recommend this course. It offered me a great deal of knowledge I didn’t have before, and it also helped shape a way of looking at metrics and social media I didn’t see before.

Chelsea Doyle, Bowdoin College. Chelsea Doyle, Bowdoin College,

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