4-week Certificate Online Course starting Jul 10

Social Media Measurement for Higher Ed Course

Want to start measuring what matters in social media to get smarter with your higher ed marketing? This 4-week certificate online course will help you learn what you need to know on social media analytics for higher education.


  • I’ve been working in higher ed social media since the advent of Facebook pages, so I came into this course with a fair amount of experience. However, I’ve never felt like an “expert.” In the context of a social media focused position (I was formerly a public relations specialist a.k.a. jack of all trades at a small college), I feel much more immediacy for getting our university’s social media presence organized and intentional. And, now I can.
    This course helped ground me in strategy and assessment, which are the very elements necessary for impacting departmental and even institutional change. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who wants to avoid “Can you post this?” status and become a true campus leader for social media.

    Allison O’Leary, Southern Connecticut State University. Allison O’Leary, Southern Connecticut State University,
    Social Media Marketing for Higher Ed Course Alum

  • This course contains tons of good information that can help you make the right decisions about your website. It opens the door to a world of valuable knowledge of your visitors’ wants and needs. But be prepared – it’s hard work, and you need to make time for learning!

    Petra Svensson. Petra Svensson, Web Strategist at Lund University
    Web Analytics for Higher Ed Course Alum

  • I really enjoyed the quick, 10-minute sessions on a wide variety of topics. It was perfectly suited for a conference on social media.

    David Rabinowitz from College of Saint Elizabeth. David Rabinowitz from College of Saint Elizabeth,
    Higher Education Social Media Conference Alum

  • Taking this course really made me stop and focus on learning responsive design despite all the day to day things that compete for my attention. I feel confident that I can actually  convert my old templates to a responsive design and build better more user friendly responsive templates going forward.

    Jody Benedict. Jody Benedict, Webmaster/Graphic Designer at St. John Fisher College
    Responsive Web Design for Higher Ed Course Alum

Finally, an Analytics course focused specifically on the needs of higher education!!! This course was exactly what I needed to pull me out of the quagmire of Analytics data and get me on the road to effectively utilizing our metrics to improve our institutional website. Many, many thanks, Higher Ed Experts!

Tatjana Salcedo. Tatjana Salcedo, Web Strategist at University of Vermont (VT)

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