5 things I’ve learned teaching social media marketing for higher education #hesm

Teaching is the best way to learn. I’ve learned so much (and keep learning) about social media marketing in higher education with your colleagues who’ve enrolled in the 8-week professional certificate I teach since 2011. How I fell into teaching… I stumbled into teaching social media marketing almost by accident in 2010. At that time, […]

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  • I would recommend this course for anyone who’s ever logged in to look at your school’s analytics and gotten frustrated or overwhelmed. This course breaks down the complex world of analytics and helps you identify actionable metrics to help improve your website.

    Jayna Phinney. Jayna Phinney, Web Information Specialist, Angelo State University
    Web Analytics for Higher Ed Course Alum

  • If you’re involved in marketing analytics at your institution, you will find this course to be incredibly helpful. The syllabus is really well structured, taking you through some helpful advanced analytics concepts that build upon eachother. The final project was so relevant to my daily job that I actually used it in its original form later that week to share the results of our marketing campaign.

    Jessica Stutt, University of New Brunswick. Jessica Stutt, University of New Brunswick,
    Advanced Web Analytics for Higher Ed Course Alum

  • I would highly recommend taking this course. This structured program offers lots (many!) of resources during the eight weeks–each week focusing on a different topic areas–that were valuable and trustworthy. I have spent hours searching the Internet and reading marketing and higher ed blogs trying to find information and social media best practices like the ones provided in this course. It’s exciting that I now have all the tools I need to do my job well.

    Lindsey Heffern. Lindsey Heffern, Shared Media Manager at University of Minnesota (MN)
    Social Media Marketing for Higher Ed Course Alum

  • If your director wants more stats than just “mine-are-bigger-than-yours,” this course gives you the grounding in what else is possible. It’s like reading the table of contents to Joy of Cooking — you won’t know how to debone a chicken but you will know they have bones and maybe that they take an hour to roast.

    GA is too broad and deep and higher education’s needs too specific to go it alone unless you’re one of those who taught themselves C++ on a weekend. Good course.

    Caryn Cameron, Simon Fraser University. Caryn Cameron, Simon Fraser University,
    Web Analytics for Higher Ed Course Alum

I’ve been extremely happy with this course. I was worried going into the course that I might not be able to follow the instructor or handle the work, but the material is as promised: you don’t have to have a high level of technical experience with GA to learn the material. All weekly modules, essentially, help you discover what you don’t know as much as they teach you new things, and I know that I’ll need to review the material a few times to really become confident with it. But this has been exactly the in-depth explanation I hoped it would be.

Lisa Ware. Lisa Ware, Director of Outreach Programs at Wofford College (SC)

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