4-week Certificate Online Course starting May 29

Web Writing for Higher Ed Course

Want to write stronger Social Media and Web Content for Higher Ed? Whether you are a seasoned writer looking for guidance to write online or a higher ed marketing practitioner who needs to create more content, this 4-week online course will help you become a better writer for the Web or social media by… writing – and not just listening about it like it’s usually the case at higher ed marketing conferences 🙂


  • Very informative and great to be able to ask questions at the end of the presentations. I liked the variety of topics covered.

    Eryn Yates. Eryn Yates, Web Support Specialist at St. John Fisher College
    Higher Education Analytics Conference Alum

  • What I love about this conference is the convenience and breadth of topics. The bite-sized sessions are usually just enough to get me thinking about that specific topic and how I can utilize it on my campus. I find myself furiously taking notes less about what the speaker is saying, and more about how I can translate and implement their ideas and experiences in my work. It’s inspirational!

    Sarah Stall, University of Puget Sound. Sarah Stall, University of Puget Sound,
    Higher Education Social Media Conference 2018 Alum
  • HEA18

    Overall the online conference was very useful and insightful–very convenient to be able to login remotely to access the wealth of information.

    Colleen Karl, York College of Pennsylvania. Colleen Karl, York College of Pennsylvania, CRM Administrator
    HEA18 Attendee

  • If you write anything for the web, you should take this course. You will look at all of your pages and content with a new perspective.

    Wendy Jespersen, University of Guelph. Wendy Jespersen, University of Guelph,
    Web Writing for Higher Ed Course Alum

Taking this course really made me stop and focus on learning responsive design despite all the day to day things that compete for my attention. I feel confident that I can actually  convert my old templates to a responsive design and build better more user friendly responsive templates going forward.

Jody Benedict. Jody Benedict, Webmaster/Graphic Designer at St. John Fisher College

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Web Writing for Higher Ed Course

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