Top Insights on Social Media for #HigherEd from the 2017 Parent E-Expectations Survey [Exclusive] #hesm

Exclusive Preview of the 2017 Student & Parent E-Expectations Survey Part 7: Social Media for Parents This is the last part of the 7-installment series on the April 2017 RNL E-Expectations survey results. This survey focuses on the E-expectations of high school seniors, juniors and sophomores (n=4,274) and their parents (n=3,530) and will be officially […]


  • This course challenged me. In my 8 years in higher ed web marketing, I have always thought the unfamiliarity with web authoring tools was why our web content contributors struggle. I came to the realization that perhaps it’s their lack of confidence in writing and the challenge writing for the web presents. I learned some techniques and strategies to help coach our contributors as well as strengthen our overall strategy and approach to web writing.

    Jason Swackhamer. Jason Swackhamer, Director of Web Communications at Saginaw Valley State University (MI)
    Web Writing for Higher Ed Course Alum

  • It was really great having the short sessions with lots of information.

    Marie Dunn-Harris, Bowling Green State University. Marie Dunn-Harris, Bowling Green State University,
    Higher Education Social Media Conference Alum

  • We use a lot of jargon in Human Resources, and the material isn’t always exciting. This course made me rethink organizing my written material so that it is a great deal more succinct and appealing to the reader who is just trying to get the facts, fast. I was worried the course wouldn’t be applicable to me since I’m not recruiting students, but it was!

    Alexandra Rebhorn. Alexandra Rebhorn, Communications Manager at University of Virginia
    Web Writing for Higher Ed Course Alum

  • We learned from the formal steps others are taking. These seem really valuable.

    Jason Ching, University of Nevada, Reno. Jason Ching, University of Nevada, Reno,

The conference was interesting, very informational and did not lag (the breaks were well-placed). I learned a lot about how other institutions handle the same difficulties, making my team and I feel better about where we are and what we’ve done in the social media arena.

Shannon M. Owens, The UT Health Science Center, San Antonio. Shannon M. Owens, The UT Health Science Center, San Antonio,

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