Why your higher ed school needs a crisis plan for future Facebook (and other social media) changes

A quick history of the Facebook-Friendly Strategy at Facebook Facebook has broken the discourse for billions of people with its content-feeding algorithm informed by sophisticated analytics and behavioral psychology. First, Facebook turned “friend” into a verb, a goal in itself, as we were all pushed a decade ago “to friend” as many people as possible, […]


  • This course helps you learn so much about Google Analytics.
    We had Analytics running for our website but didn’t realize how much we were under-utilizing it. Do not be scared to try this course – you will be pleasantly surprised at how much you can do through this tool.

    Kristin Williams, West Chester University of Pennsylvania. Kristin Williams, West Chester University of Pennsylvania,
    Web Analytics for Higher Ed Course Alum
  • HESM14

    Like drinking from a firehose! I’m looking forward to the recordings so I can go back and pick up what I might have missed.

    Luke Rosenberger from University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio. Luke Rosenberger from University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio,
    HESM14 Attendee

  • I would highly recommend this course to anyone who has a passion for Higher Ed Marketing. The insights, structure and collaborative nature of the class made it a high impact experience that will surely elevate the quality of my social strategy and practices as I move forward in the field.

    Rebecca Stapley, Nazareth College. Rebecca Stapley, Nazareth College,
    Social Media Marketing for Higher Ed Course Alum

  • Google Analytics is very powerful, and easy to get distracted in minutia. This course helps you focus on the measurable outcomes that you can easily tie to institutional goals. So, if your website is the “front door” to the institution, it’s possible to connect web actions to goals.

    Holly LaRose-Roenicke. Holly LaRose-Roenicke, Saginaw Valley State University
    Web Analytics for Higher Ed Course Alum

I was able to take what I was learning from the course and immediately apply it to scenarios in our Institute. It gave me fuel to argue for goal-setting, campaign-tracking, implementing event-tracking and making other needed changes. It gave me other valuable insights into our websites which I hope to apply.

Anita Schaepe. Anita Schaepe, Web Editor, Information Architect & Content Specialist at University of Nebraska - Lincoln

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