How to make your #highered summer at work great again

Summer in higher ed: best time, too fast Summer is a wonderful time of the year, right? When students and faculty leave campus, everything seems to slow down. Fewer people, fewer urgent demands and fewer deadlines usually mean more time to work on your own projects. It’s the perfect time to tackle the big initiative […]

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  • This was my first foray into online learning, as well as the content areas, and I found the course to be informative, engaging and exactly as advertised. 🙂

    Jennifer Hafer, Kennesaw State University. Jennifer Hafer, Kennesaw State University,
    Web Writing for Higher Ed Course Alum

  • The course was very applicable to what I do in my job. Our sites haven’t changed much in terms of lay out or format since they were first developed eight years ago, but we learned how we can lay out/create web/email copy in a more effective way, and I now know how to move ahead in a positive, powerful and useful way.

    Angi Roberts, University of Guelph. Angi Roberts, University of Guelph,
    Web Writing for Higher Ed Course Alum

  • I would recommend this course for beginning web writers or individuals who manage their college or department web pages and social media. In higher education, we often see administrative assistants and coordinators asked to take on web-related responsibilities. This would be a perfect course to do individually or in concert with the university’s marketing department.

    Sheri Lehman. Sheri Lehman, Interactive Marketing Specialist at Chapman University
    Web Writing for Higher Ed Course Alum

  • I would recommend the course to anyone interested in preparing web content. There are also take-aways for what works in print as well.

    Linda Dunn, Michigan State University. Linda Dunn, Michigan State University,
    Web Writing for Higher Ed Course Alum

This course is very interesting and definitely starts one on the path of becoming a GA ninja. It made me realize the importance of reporting data that is meaningful to decision making, not just reporting data for data’s sake! I will never again present lengthy analytical reports providing data that was amazing to me (and probably to me alone), as this doesn’t help influence decision making.

Amy Barnes. Amy Barnes, Manager of Marketing and Communications at Plymouth State University (NH)

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