7 Online Tools to Help Improve Your Web Writing for #HigherEd

Sofia Tokar, our Web Writing instructor, shares some of the tools she uses in her 4-week course on web writing for higher ed as well as her own writing work.


  • If your director wants more stats than just “mine-are-bigger-than-yours,” this course gives you the grounding in what else is possible. It’s like reading the table of contents to Joy of Cooking — you won’t know how to debone a chicken but you will know they have bones and maybe that they take an hour to roast.

    GA is too broad and deep and higher education’s needs too specific to go it alone unless you’re one of those who taught themselves C++ on a weekend. Good course.

    Caryn Cameron, Simon Fraser University. Caryn Cameron, Simon Fraser University,
    Web Analytics for Higher Ed Course Alum

  • This course was a great way to help those of us trained as news writers to learn how to adjust our copywriting to the needs of the web and social media.

    Steve Sefchik, Lorain County Community College. Steve Sefchik, Lorain County Community College,
    Web Writing for Higher Ed Course Alum

  • Nice way to remember and take action on social media management issues I haven’t been able to address yet.

    Ian Hurley, Northeastern University. Ian Hurley, Northeastern University,
    Higher Education Social Media Conference Alum

  • This course in higher ed social media measurement was incredibly useful for me. For a long time, I’ve struggled with exactly what to measure and how when determining the success of my efforts, and this class clarified much of that for me. I’d highly recommend this course to all who’ve ever wondered if they’re doing social media “just because.” There are much better justifications for our efforts in higher ed social media, and this course helped me determine what many of those are.

    Matthew Anderson, Western Washington University. Matthew Anderson, Western Washington University,
    Social Media Measurement for Higher Ed Course Alum

I’ve enjoyed hearing from people who do the kind of work I do and that I aspire to do in the quiet of my own office. This is a good way to share expertise/info when travelling to a conference is time or cost-prohibitive.

Marsha Bragg, Oberlin College. Marsha Bragg, Oberlin College,

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