Top Insights on Social Media for #HigherEd from the 2018 Student E-Expectations Survey [Exclusive] #hesm

Exclusive Preview of the 2018 Student E-Expectations Survey Part 4: Social Media for Students This is the 4th and last part of the 4-installment series on the 2018 RNL E-Expectations survey results. This survey focusing on the E-expectations of high school seniors and juniors (n=529) and was officially released on July 25. If you read […]


  • Google Analytics is very powerful, and easy to get distracted in minutia. This course helps you focus on the measurable outcomes that you can easily tie to institutional goals. So, if your website is the “front door” to the institution, it’s possible to connect web actions to goals.

    Holly LaRose-Roenicke. Holly LaRose-Roenicke, Saginaw Valley State University
    Web Analytics for Higher Ed Course Alum

  • I had a really great experience, and all the sessions were what I expected. The polling feature in the new conferencing system was great.

    Emma Jamieson, Georgian College. Emma Jamieson, Georgian College,
    Higher Ed WEBSITES Conference Alum

  • Loved the 10 minute format! Very refreshing.
    It gave a great range of topics and diversity in presenters (different countries, different types of institutions). It was well-organized and easy to set up on our end. Great job!

    Julia Jones-Bourque, University of Alberta. Julia Jones-Bourque, University of Alberta,
    Higher Ed Content Conference Alum

  • I received so many new ideas, both from the presenters and from the Twitter back channel during the event. My challenge will be finding the time to put them into action, and deciding which to do first!

    Katherine Kelly, Michigan State University. Katherine Kelly, Michigan State University,

The lessons and assignments are very focused and practical. Throughout the course I applied new tools and strategies to several real projects I’m already working on, and I shared my work with managers each week so that we can begin capitalizing on the coursework immediately.

Jeff Walberg. Jeff Walberg, Director of Web Content, Cornell College

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