Top #HigherEd Websites Insights from the 2019 E-Expectations Survey [Exclusive]

. Exclusive Preview of the 2019 E-Expectations Survey Part 3: Higher Ed Websites This is the 3rd part of the 4-installment series on the 2019 RNL E-Expectations survey results. This survey focuses on the E-expectations of high school seniors, juniors and sophomores (n=900) and will be officially released on July 24. If you read the […]

2019 Higher Ed Websites Data

The Web Analytics for Higher Ed (WAHE) course forced me to dive in and actively work through development of expertise in Google Analytics. From segments to goals to campaigns to dashboards, I’m coming away with a comprehensive understanding of best practices related to higher education.

Laura Huff, Winston-Salem State University. Laura Huff, Winston-Salem State University,
Web Analytics for Higher Ed Course Alum

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