Measuring social media for small (but mighty) #highered teams

What have you measured on social media lately? You should measure the performance of your social media efforts. You know it. We all know it. And, yet… You work hard to develop content, write posts, take great images, curate the voice of your social media accounts, build community and more. So, you want to know […]


This course was a good amount of work but it will spark your interest in social ROI even if this is your first experience with diving deeper into insights and analytics. I highly recommend this course for anyone who feels like they are just pushing social content out all day/week and not sure how to determine if any of it is worth your time and effort. Interacting with others who work in similar roles was really great.

Becky DesRoches, Worcester State University. Becky DesRoches, Worcester State University,

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