Top Insights on Social Media for #HigherEd from the 2017 Parent E-Expectations Survey [Exclusive] #hesm

Exclusive Preview of the 2017 Student & Parent E-Expectations Survey Part 7: Social Media for Parents This is the last part of the 7-installment series on the April 2017 RNL E-Expectations survey results. This survey focuses on the E-expectations of high school seniors, juniors and sophomores (n=4,274) and their parents (n=3,530) and will be officially […]


  • I really enjoyed the course and found it very helpful and relevant. From never having worked with Google Analytics (or any other web analytics tools) I feel confident and competent using it now. From week 2, I was able to apply what I was learning in my job and make changes to marketing campaigns so they were more relevant, targeted and more likely to help to achieve our overall goal of converting users to students! The course readings were time consuming and the coursework required a fair amount of pactical application – anyone looking to do this should be aware that they’ll need to put the effort in! However, as the course is only four weeks long it is easily achievable.

    Marama Mateparae, Bay of Plenty Polytechnic. Marama Mateparae, Bay of Plenty Polytechnic,
    Web Analytics for Higher Ed Course Alum

  • I like the short presentation format — you get just enough information to help you get started. With the short presentation format you can learn about many topics in the given timeframe.

    Pat Leone, Wesleyan University. Pat Leone, Wesleyan University,
    Higher Education Analytics Conference Alum

  • If you are looking to understand how to establish a social media measurement and reporting system, this is a great way to get started.

    Brittney Boehm, Rutgers University Foundation and Alumni Association. Brittney Boehm, Rutgers University Foundation and Alumni Association,
    Social Media Measurement for Higher Ed Course Alum

  • I’ve enjoyed the course and learned a lot. I would definitely recommend it as this has definitely broadened my knowledge about social media marketing.

    Kendra Price. Kendra Price, Marketing Specialist at Emory University (GA)
    Social Media Marketing for Higher Ed Course Alum

The Higher Ed Experts conference is a great way to learn from professional peers who face the same daily challenges that you do. I always learn a great deal from this conference.

Rachel Perkins, Central Michigan University. Rachel Perkins, Central Michigan University,

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