2020 eduweb Conference (eduWeb Digital Summit 2020)

3-day On-Site Event

The eduWeb Digital Summit (eduWeb Conference) is an annual, internationally recognized event for the higher education community, attracting those who are involved in the design, development, marketing, strategy and implementation of their online presence. It has different tracks such as:

  • Content and Email Marketing
  • Web/Mobile Design & Strategy
  • Social Media
  • Using Data and Analytics
  • Other Duties As Assigned
  • Reflect, Recharge, Refocus

The 2020 eduWeb conference will take place on August 3-5, 2020 in SnowBird, next to Salt Lake City, UT.

2020 Higher Ed Content ConferenceLooking for a great on-demand online conference?

Check out the 2020 Higher Ed Content Conference!
It features 14 sessions focusing 100% on higher ed content including presentations on TikTok, content strategy, content measurement and content processes in our post-COVID19 world.

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Who should attend the 2020 eduweb Conference (eduWeb Digital Summit 2020)?

In my opinion, this event might be a good fit for you if you are a:

2020 eduweb Conference (eduWeb Digital Summit 2020): Quick Facts

 Aug 03, 2020 - Aug 05, 2020
 Location:  Snowbird, UT
 Registration: $1250 to $975

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