How web professionals can work with faculty: an award-winning presentation

Amanda Costello's #heweb12 Awards

Amanda Costello’s #heweb12 Awards

Amanda Costello won the 2012 “best of conference” award at the High Ed Web Conference in Milwaukee, WI.

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I Don’t Have Your Ph.D. – Working with Faculty and the Web


How do you make sense of and promote faculty research if you have no background in their subject area, let alone an advanced degree? How can you work with difficult faculty personalities, from the complete technophobe to the extreme early adopter? This session will draw from Amanda Costello’s experience as a web designer and content strategist at the University of Minnesota, one of the country’s largest research institutions. Learn how to channel your faculty’s expertise into great web content, and build their trust in your knowledge and skills. Bring your questions, triumphs and war stories!

Amanda Costello won best of conference at #heweb12

Amanda Costello won best of conference at #heweb12 – Photo by HighEdWeb

Amanda Costello
Web Content Strategist, University of Minnesota

Amanda Costello is the web content strategist for the College of Education and Human Development at the University of Minnesota, and the director of MinneWebCon, Minnesota’s regional web conference. She has worked for the University in various departments and colleges since 2002, and joined the College of Education and Human Development in 2007. A former English teacher in Japan, Costello values clear communication and having a plan (plus a couple of backups).

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