Top 2019 Higher Ed Marketing Conferences & Courses

This directory of Higher Education Marketing Conferences is constantly updated by Karine Joly, Executive Director at Higher Ed Experts. She has attended personally - and presented - at most of the higher ed conferences featured in this list maintained since 2014.

This annual selection of 2019 higher education marketing conferences and professional certificate online courses is meant to help higher education marketers and digital professionals working in universities, colleges and schools.

With multiple audiences, conflicting institutional goals and long path to conversions, higher education has very specific rules and constraints when it comes to marketing, communication and social media. So, it makes sense for seasoned higher ed marketers and new comers to the industry to attend conferences or courses with a specific focus on higher education.

2019 Higher Education Marketing Conferences, Higher Ed Web Conferences and Events

Oct 07
Web Writing for Higher Ed Course
Only 7 seats left

Want to write stronger Social Media and Web Content for Higher Ed? Whether you are a seasoned writer looking for guidance to write online or a higher ed marketing practitioner who needs to create more content, this 4-week online course will help you become a better writer for the Web or social media by… writing – and not just listening about it like it’s usually the case at higher ed marketing conferences 🙂

Oct 07
Advanced Digital Analytics for Higher Ed Course
Only 10 seats left

Do you want to measure the performance of your higher ed digital marketing initiatives and campaigns? If you have been using Google Analytics enough to be dangerous but want to go to the next level in your Analytics practice, this 4-week online course will help you learn more advanced analytics techniques to track the performance of your higher ed digital marketing or communications.

Oct 07
Social Media Analytics for Higher Ed Course
Only 10 seats left

Want to start measuring what matters in social media to get smarter with your higher ed marketing? Whether you want to optimize your higher ed social media content calendar or the engagement strategy on your Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and other school accounts, this 4-week certificate online course will guide you through the required steps to implement a sound social media measurement plan for your higher education institution.

Oct 07
Digital Measurement Strategy for Higher Ed Team Course
Only 2 seats left

Not sure how you should measure your digital marketing initiatives, campaigns and efforts? If you’ve never taken the time to set up with your team your strategic plan to measure what matters, this affordable 4-week course for teams (2 to 5 people) will help you define your measurement strategic plan.

Oct 13
High Ed Web 2019 Conference
Milwaukee, WI

The 2019 HighEdWeb National Conference will take place on October 13-16, 2019 in Milwaukee, WI. This higher ed conference organized by the HighEdWeb Association is one of the biggest higher ed conference for web professionals, marketers, communicators and social media professionals working in higher education.

Nov 10
AMA 2019 Symposium for the Marketing of Higher Education
Las Vegas, NV

The 2019 AMA Symposium for the Marketing of Higher Education will be held in Las Vegas, NV on Nov 10-13, 2019. The symposium strives to increase knowledge of how marketing principles and practices can be used by colleges and universities to build and maintain strong brands, achieve enrollment and fundraising success, improve competitive positioning, and maintain financial strength. The AMA Symposium is the biggest higher ed marketing conference in terms of attendance.

Dec 04
Higher Education Social Media Conference
Rain date: Dec 5, 2019
Only 16 seats left

Looking for some useful advice and ideas on advanced social media for higher ed? The Higher Ed Social Media Conference will help you up your game in 2020 and beyond. This higher ed conference takes place online every year. It is a well-attended online social media conference focusing 100% on higher education.

Jan 21
Web Analytics for Higher Ed Course
Only 10 seats left

Need to get up to speed with Web Analytics for Higher Ed? Whether you have already attended several sessions about Analytics at higher ed conferences or are brand new to the world of Google Analytics, this 4-week online course will help you learn what you need to know and develop your Web Analytics skills through guided practice.

Jan 21
Content Analytics for Higher Ed Course
Only 9 seats left

Need to measure the impact of your higher ed content? This 4-week online course on Content Analytics for Higher Ed will help you track the performance of your content initiatives.

Feb 12
Higher Education Analytics Conference
Rain date: Feb 19, 2020
Only 30 seats left

Looking for real analytics solutions to real higher education marketing problems? The Higher Ed Analytics conference will feature a dozen of sessions from higher ed digital marketing and communications professionals working in institutions just like yours. This higher ed marketing conference is online and team-friendly.

Feb 24
Social Media Marketing for Higher Ed Course
Only 10 seats left

Are you in charge of social media marketing for higher education? Whether you’ve done social media for your institution for a few years or have recently been given this responsibility, this 8-week online course will help you bring your higher ed social media practice to the next level by covering all the bases and focusing on a strategic integrated marketing approach.

Apr 15
2020 CASE Social Media Conference (#casesmc)
Boston, MA

The CASE Social Media and Community conference will take place on April 15-17, 2020 in Boston, MA. This higher ed conference is targeted to social media professionals working in universities and colleges.

Apr 22
Higher Ed Content Conference
Rain date: April 29, 2020
Only 30 seats left

Want to get more strategic with your higher ed content across devices, channels and departments? The Higher Ed Content Conference can help. This annual higher ed conference focusing on content features a dozen of higher ed professionals working in institutions like yours – with real solutions to real content problems. You can attend this online conference with all your content contributors – which makes it a great higher ed conference for digital content teams.

Jun 03
Higher Ed WEBSITES Conference
Only 30 seats left

Looking for higher ed websites solutions, research, best practices and inspiration for your summer projects? The Higher Ed Websites Conference features sessions from a dozen of higher ed professionals.