Dylan Wilbanks won this year’s “best of conference” award at the High Ed Web Conference in Cincinnati, OH.


10 Years In The Hole:
A Possibly Cautionary Tale About Being A Higher Ed Web Geek

Recorded on November 3, 2010
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University of Washington Web designer, developer, producer, generalist, instructor, social media expert, and copier operator Dylan Wilbanks looks for ten lessons the higher ed Web can teach us about the university and the Web — and how we can change how the university presents itself on the Web. As he prepares to close out his tenth year working on the Web in higher education, he will look back at his successes, if he can see them amid the flaming wreckage of all his failures over the last decade. His hope is to inspire those in the trenches of the university Web –writers, coders, marketers, all — to hang on to the optimism that the Web and higher education instilled in us… or to convince them that working as a Wal-Mart greeter may ultimately be more fulfilling. The lessons will be about creating change within the ivory tower, seeking to fight the glacial pace of change with a blowtorch, an ice pick, and an obsessed determination Captain Ahab would find disturbing. Topics will include: Dealing with older faculty (and using their blind spots to back-door change); turning the university website from an “institution first” stance to a “students first” stance (in other words, user-centered design); using the glacial pace of change in the university to your advantage (by being bleeding edge without actually having to bleed); finding content for cheap/free when you have no writer (and relying on the long tail to find the content’s audience).


Dylan WilbanksDylan Wilbanks
Web Producer, University of Washington School of Public Health

Dylan Wilbanks has been the Web manager for the University of Washington School of Public Health since 2001. During that time he’s been the school’s Web developer, Web designer, Web content specialist, social media expert, podcaster, logo designer, emergency preparedness guideline writer, photographer, accessibility guru, university marketing committee representative, guest lecturer, and copy boy. He’s also spoken at South By Southwest Interactive and the Society of Research Administrators annual meeting. When he’s not creating havoc and chaos at the university he sits on the BarCamp Seattle organizing committee, blogs personally at http://dylanwilbanks.com, and attends far too many Seattle Mariners games.

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