Master Class by Kristina Halvorson: Content Strategy for Higher Ed Institutions
Available on-demand – recorded on February 9, 2011
Registration fee: $350 (1 live Master Class, 1 year recording access, transcript and handouts)

Content Strategy for the WebContent Strategy for Higher Ed: Take control of your content strategy
Recorded on February 9, 2011

What’s “content strategy”? Go ahead. Pick a definition. This practice (in one form or another) has been around for more than a decade, but somehow we haven’t quite agreed on what it is, how it should work, and why it really matters.

One thing everyone does agree on: Dealing with web content is hard. It’s complicated, expensive, time-consuming, and often overwhelming. There’s new content. Legacy content. User-generated content. Print to web. Text to video. Static to dynamic. The list goes on and on. And for universities, colleges and schools, distributed publishing (and unusually high mountains of content!) introduces entirely new levels of complexity.

Good news: The practice of content strategy gives us tools and processes that can help bring order out of your content chaos. Content strategy plans for the creation, delivery, and governance of content your audiences actually care about. Learn how to introduce it into your organization and climb the content mountain, step by step.

What you will learn:

  • What’s content strategy directly from the expert who wrote THE book about it
  • How to set up a content strategy plan that works for higher ed institutions
  • How to get buy-in on new content-strategy processes

Who should attend and why:

  • Primary audience:web communications, marketing and communications executives and teams, web services managers, directors and coordinators and web content producers.
  • May also attend: web designers, web developers, teams in charge of an upcoming content management system implementation or a website redesign..


Kristina HalvorsonKristina Halvorson, Author of “Content Strategy for the Web”

Kristina Halvorson is the CEO and Founder of Brain Traffic, a content strategy consultancy. She is the author of Content Strategy for the Web, a book that’s being called “the most important thing to happen to user experience design in years” (Peter Morville, Ambient Findability, Information Architecture for the World Wide Web).

Important information for the Master Class attendees:

  • Feel free to gather your team members around your computer or a larger campus group in front of a screen with an LCD projector.
  • Audio is done via voice over IP
  • Webinar slides are available as PDF files or easy note-taking.
  • Access instructions are accessible from the top of this webinar page as well.

Register for the Master Class Registration fees: $350

The fee for this Master Class includes the following:

  • A one year unlimited access to the recording of the event on-demand through a link that we will provide to you.
  • All webinar materials

Register for the Master Class

13 Responses

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  2. Sarah says:

    This sounds like a very great webinar. Is there any discounts for college students?

    • Karine Joly says:

      Unfortunately, no.

      However, you can contact the Marketing/Communication/Web Office (or maybe Student or Academic Affairs if they think this would be a good fit for many students) and find out if they would be interested in hosting the event. The price is per connection, so if you connect the computer to a LCD screen and an AV system, it’s possible to have a group watch the online master class for the fee.

  3. Rohan says:

    I have a team of 6 persons who are located at different campuses. Will a single registration work for us? That is, allow us to access the class from the different campuses.

  4. I saw Kristina Halvorson speak on content strategy at ‘An Event Apart’. She was incredible! I learned a lot.

  5. […] Kristina Halvorson’s Master Class coming up soon (in just 8 little days ;-), I’ve been looking for interesting examples of […]

  6. Seth McCall says:


    Big fan of Kristina’s book. I work in higher ed and $350 for 1hour raises a few concerns. Will this be specifically focused on higher education or just going over what has already been said in the book?

    • Karine Joly says:

      Seth, if you plan to attend alone and you are already sold on Kristina’s approach, I’m not sure this class is for you.

      Kristina will frame the challenges of content strategy for universities/colleges and how they can be tackled in higher education. She will also answer specific questions from the audience at the end of the presentation.

      Now, if you want to get folks on your team (maybe even your boss) or on campus (content contributors or decision makers from other offices) interested in content strategy, then this class is definitely a good fit.

      Hope this helps.

  7. Dave says:

    If we register, is there any reason we can’t host a few repeat sessions on demand for our content contributors a couple times over the next year?

    • Karine Joly says:

      Sure, you can either host a few repeat sessions or even share the link to the recording with folks working at your institution. The only thing you should NOT do is publish this link on a public web page.

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