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The Higher Ed Experts Class of 2013 is composed of people just like you working in universities and colleges.

Our grads earned their Higher Ed Experts certificates by demonstrating mastery in a given critical skill for digital professionals such as Web Analytics, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Responsive Web Design and Web Writing.

All completed their 4-week or 8-week online course with a final grade above or equal to 80/100.

We are so proud of these dedicated professionals that we want to tell the world how great Higher Ed Experts grads are in a series of interviews.

Today is Casey Crane’s turn who earned her Higher Ed Experts certificate after taking the 4-week online course on Social Media and Web Writing taught by Julie Campbell. Casey is a Multimedia Content Developer for the Marketing and Public Information department at St. Petersburg College, FL.

1) What is the most rewarding part of your job?

Casey Crane

Casey Crane earned a Higher Ed Experts certificate in Social Media and Web Writing for Higher Ed.

One of the most rewarding parts of my job is being able to meet the incredible students, staff and faculty who are part of the college family, and to be able to tell their stories through the website, blogs and other media avenues. It is a privilege to be able to potentially encourage or help motivate future students to take the leap and enroll at the college by helping them learn about other individuals who have been successful at it.

2) What is the most challenging part of your job?

One of the most challenging and exciting aspects of my job is that it is always changing. I’m not just a writer, editor, web content writer, blogger, photographer, or social media content creator – I am learning how to become all of them. By learning how to increase my knowledge base and skillset in many areas, I can become a more valuable member of my team and also increase my hire-ability for future careers.

3) What has been the most valuable outcome of the course you took with Higher Ed Experts?

The most valuable outcome of the Web & Social Media Writing for Higher Ed course that I took was that it helped me see content in a new way. My background in journalism taught me to approach projects in a certain way while adapting with each situation. But this course has helped me realize that while that approach can be helpful in some areas, it also can be a hindrance in for other projects. After having completed this four-week class, I feel more confident and comfortable writing and reworking content to meet the needs of an online audience.

4) Besides Higher Ed Experts courses and conferences, what else do you recommend for professional development in higher education?

In addition to courses from Higher Ed Experts, I attend NCMPR conferences and workshops, as well as take online courses from the American Marketing Association, to help supplement my professional development training.


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