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Seven Things I Wish I Knew Before Working In Social Media
From Medium

What’s new at the U in 2018
From University of Michigan Social Media Blog

Year 1 of UNH Alumni Takeovers
From Medium

3 questions on #highered analytics to great pros to follow: Mandee Englert (@Mandee_Englert), Digital Marketing Analyst – Penn State University
From Higher Ed Experts

Why Identifying vulnerabilities early is critical to surviving a crisis
From Inside Higher Ed

Higher Ed DigiTAL(ES): Why (and how to) present and publish to advance your #highered career in 2018
From Higher Ed Experts

Kick start 2018 by upgrading your #highered marketing skills in 4 weeks
From Higher Ed Experts

2018 Predictions for Higher Education
From Eduventures

Forget 2018 Resolutions, Set New Learning Habits, Higher Ed Marketers!
From LinkedIn

12 learning strategies to keep up with higher ed analytics
From Higher Ed Analytics

Investors are pouring money into Frank, a TurboTax for student loan applications
From TechCrunch

Mark Zuckerberg’s personal challenge is all about fixing Facebook before it implodes
From TechCrunch

Do 3rd-Party Social Media Tools Negatively Affect Reach and Engagement? Our 200+ Post Experiment and Results
From Buffer Social Blog

What Success Means to You: The Corner Office Is out and the Side Hustle Is In
From LInkedIn Official Blog

This bot unrolls Twitter threads and turns them into readable blog posts
From TechCrunch

Missed last week’s super-sized newsletter? Forget 2018 Resolutions, 12 Learning Strategies, Analytics, #HigherEd Videos, FB, Insta, Twitter & Snap #HESM Changes
From Higher Ed Experts

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