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Nicole MorellNicole Morell, Associate Director, Digital Marketing Strategy at MIT Alumni Association, is one of the 12 presenters of the 6th Higher Ed Social Media Conference.

In this 4-question interview, Nicole tells us about the plan for Facebook in 2019, a new tool, 3 higher ed social media accounts and an inspiring social media campaign idea.

1) Considering how engagement and reach on Facebook have evolved at your school in 2018, what’s your plan for 2019?

Like many higher ed pages, we’ve seen our reach limited on many posts over the last year, resulting in lower engagement across the board. Facebook reach has changed many times over in my four years working in social media for the MIT Alumni Association, but last year has been the most challenging by far. Still there is some hope. We continue to see our stories related to pride and nostalgia performing well in reach and engagement. The plan for 2019 is to continue to push content that has demonstrated results in reaching and connecting with our alumni audience—this will mean boosting new posts that are performing well and streamlining our content creation and sharing.

2018 Higher Ed Social Media Conference

2) What is your favorite new tool for your social media work?

It may not be a tool so much as a feature, but Instagram Stories has been a game changer with us. We recently passed the 10,000 follower threshold on @mitalumni so it’s been great to have that additional space for links. We’re experimenting with highlighting alumni interviews on the channel and are planning some Q&A sessions with alumni using the questions sticker.

3) What are the 3 higher ed social media accounts you follow with envy?

  1. Harvard College – Instagram
    This is a student-run account that adds a layer to the story Harvard tells on its many other channels. You can get an inside look at a truly diverse group of students with a range of viewpoints and experiences at the school. I like how this channel can offer a new perspective on a nearly 400 year old institution.
  2. MIT Black History – Instagram
    This is part of the MIT Black History Project and it shares long form captions along with photos chronicling the history of the black community at MIT. There’s always something to learn and great collection of archived photos. The specific topic of this and dedication to the story is what makes it so special.
  3. Stanford Alumni – Twitter
    They recently did a great series of photos within photos to welcome students back to campus and connect with the alumni that have gone before them. They’ve taken a really creative, campaign approach to their channel and I think it sets them apart.

4) What is the coolest social media campaign you’ve noticed this year?

I think Moon Pie’s in-the-moment response and quirky content campaign on Twitter is something special. They really learned to capture the mood and the language of Twitter and carve out a space for themselves. I don’t think I’d thought about Moon Pies in about 20 years before this and now they’re at the front of conversation. It’s totally silly (great example) but captures attention and promotes the product well.

I think there’s a lesson for higher ed in matching your content to the channel and to the audience you’d like to get by really thinking about audience and user personas.

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A conference focusing on higher ed social media?

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