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Mary Jo StocktonMary Jo Stockton, Director of Web and Social Content at Longwood University, is one of the 12 presenters of the 6th Higher Ed Social Media Conference.

In this 4-question interview, Mary Jo tells us about the plan for Facebook in 2019, a new tool, 3 higher ed social media accounts and an inspiring social media campaign idea.

1) Considering how engagement and reach on Facebook have evolved at your school in 2018, what’s your plan for 2019?

Before embarking on the redesign of our website back in 2014, we first went through a comprehensive branding process. The goal was not to rebrand Longwood University but to better understand who we are, who our audience is and what our audience wants from us. By focusing on producing that type of content and a process of brainstorming ideas collaboratively with our whole marketing team, we have been relatively successful in keeping our Facebook engagement rate increasing for the most part as demonstrated in the following chart.

Longwood Engagement Rate on Facebook

2) What is your favorite new tool for your social media work?

Before using Mish Guru, we were struggling to integrate Snapchat into our social media strategy. We knew from all of the pertinent research and survey data that Snapchat is very popular in the age ranges for prospective and current students but didn’t have the human resources to leverage that effectively. Mish Guru has helped us develop some effective strategies to leverage the widespread use of Snapchat amongst this target demographic, and my conference presentation will delve into one of these strategies in more details!

2018 Higher Ed Social Media Conference

3) What are the 3 higher ed social media accounts you follow with envy?

  1. Newcastle University – Instagram
    Newcastle is my Ph.D. alma mater, but all bias aside, they seem to have a team that can get out across campus and captures content for Instagram Stories that feels authentic, is informative, and captures student life.
  2. WVU President Gee – Twitter
    The president of West Virginia University’s Twitter account is an excellent example of how to do social media as a college administrator who wants to connect with students.
  3. University of Michigan – Instagram
    Michigan does an excellent job of representing different aspects of campus life with their Instagram stories. Within the stories, they use great annotations and stickers to add more information, bring focus to something on the screen, or just for some added extra fun.

4) What is the coolest social media campaign you’ve noticed this year?

Dove Self-esteem project is the coolest social media campaign I’ve noticed.
Dove has been on this path with their marketing for several years and not without controversy over its authenticity. However, they have stayed the path, and it was such a smart move getting in early on the movement for self-acceptance and body positivity that has become a zeitgeist of current times. It is a movement that resonates very strongly with GenZ with its positive message. In the example provided, Dove partnered with one of the best examples of a show made for kids that provides a positive message of acceptance for all and belief in oneself.
Higher Education organizations can look at how Dove is taking this message to its audience and consider how to reflect these values in our marketing. It is a great message to share and it resonates so strongly with our current main target demographic?

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A conference focusing on higher ed social media?

The 6th Higher Ed Social Media Conference (HESM18) is a must-attend event for higher ed social media professionals and teams looking for inspiration, ideas and best practices to get ready for 2019.

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