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Followed with envy the #casesmc hashtag on Twitter?

Yep, I know. The sun, the beautiful hotel and the great presentations…

While I couldn’t do anything to get you (or me for that matter) to California if you weren’t there, I can share with you the essence of one of the presentations given on March 19 at this CASE conference.

Tiffany Broadbent BekerTiffany Broadbent Beker, Web Programmer and Social Media Coordinator at William and Mary College, is a very talented speaker and a smart social media professional. At the CASE conference, she presented a session titled “As Easy as Herding Squirrels: Coordinating Social Media Across Your Campus” showing how you can follow in her footsteps and coordinate all the social media activity on your campus.

A tighter version of Tiffany’s #casesmc presentation

This #casesmc presentation was originally created for the 2013 Higher Ed Social Media Conference (the 2014 conference is now available on-demand).

That’s why I can share with you the recording we made that day.

The recording is only 10-minute long as this is the format we use for our online conferences (we ask our conference speakers to take the time to make their session short by focusing on the most important points :-).

Wish you could steal Tiffany’s Social Media Directory App?

You’re in luck!

She has open-sourced the code of the social media directory she developed for W&M, so you can use it to create your own.

Want to know more about the 2015 Higher Ed Social Media Conference?

If you’re interested in the Higher Ed Social Media Conference, you can get a 12-month on-demand team pass to watch all the sessions at your convenience

Higher Ed Social Media Conference

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