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May 29: Avoiding Burnout with Measurement Strategy

This season’s finale of #HEETalkLearn focused on measurement strategy to avoid summer burnout with a 10-min session presented by Karine Joly followed by a panel discussion about Analytics and Measurement with Tatjana Salcedo (University of Vermont) and Holly Sherburne (Bowdoin College), both Analytics Faculty members at Higher Ed Experts.

Analytics Courses & Digital Conference offered by Higher Ed Experts this summer:

May 22: Hosting Online Events Lessons Learned

Samantha Dickinson (University of Cincinnati) and Karine Joly (Higher Ed Experts) will present a 12 to 14-minute session on “Lessons Learned Hosting Online Events” in 2 parts:
“ Hosting online events for admitted students”
“ Top mistakes to avoid when planning & hosting online events”

Allison Turcio (Siena College) and Morgan Goff (WVU) will join the panel for the Q&A after the sessions.

#HEETalkLearn Posts That Worked (May 22):
Wright State University’s Downtown Pictures Instagram Post
UNL Pick 3 Challenge Twitter Post, Facebook Post & Instagram Post
Lemoyne College’s Phin Faves Instagram Story Highlight
Missouri State University’s One More Video with guest start Brad Pitt
WVU Graduating TikTok video

May 15: Virtual Commencement & Graduation Celebration Lessons Learned

This week was a special “Class of 2020 Virtual Celebration” edition with a slightly different format featuring our regular segment Posts that Work by Karine Joly and 4 panelists, all social media professionals who had just wrapped up their school’s virtual celebration for graduates:
Jamila Walker (Old Dominion University)
Carly McCarthy (UCF)
Tyler Thomas (UNL)
Philip Jones (UNC-Chapel Hill)

May 15 Resources

In this special edition of “Posts that Work,” Karine Joly introduced the different initiatives implemented to celebrate virtually the Class of 2020 by our 4 panelists.

#HEETalkLearn Posts That Worked (May 15):
UNC Chapel Hill’s Virtual Celebration of the Class of 2020 (Google Doc)
ODU’s Virtual Celebration of the Class of 2020 (Google Doc)
UNL’s Virtual Celebration of the Class of 2020 (Google Doc)
UCF Spring 2020 Virtual Commencement Ceremonies on Facebook

May 8: Planning & Hosting Online Giving Days Now

Jasmine Terán (Occidental College) and Tonya Oaks Smith (Louisiana Tech University) presented a 12-minute session on “Planning & Hosting Online Giving Days Now” in 2 parts:
“Pivoting your 1st Giving Day plans on the fly ”
“ Adapting plans for your next Giving Day ”

May 8 Resources

Donors give $1 million on Louisiana Tech’s second Giving Day

#HEETalkLearn Posts That Worked (May 8):
Slippery Rock University’s “Day of Caring” Giving Day Website
SRU Thank You Rock Strong Tweet
Flagler College’s Live Giving Tuesday Now Zoom Facebook Live
NYU Steinhardt’s Instagram Post for #TeacherAppreciationDay
UL Lafayette’s Campus Scenes Coloring Pages & Meditation in Nature Videos
Wright State University’s 5-min Commencement Speech by Tom Hanks
William & Mary’s Virtual Alma Mater Video
UCF Spring 2020 Virtual Commencement Ceremonies on Facebook

May 1st: Creating engaging & accessible videos — remotely

AJ Lopez III (MSUTexas) and Mike Richwalsky (HEETalkLearn Co-Host & Gas Mark 8) will present a 15-minute session on “Creating Engaging & Accessible Videos” in 2 parts:
“ Practical tips to record good video remotely”
“ How to make your videos accessible”

May 1st Resources

Practical tips to record good video remotely:
UMBC’s style guide: how to record high quality video on a phone
University of Rochester’s Self-Recording Video Tutorial: How to Look and Sound Your Best
University of Cape Town’s Video Tutorial: 6 Tips on filming yourself with your smartphone
How to make your videos accessible:
Convert Subtitles to Srt (Subtitle Tools)
Live captions in MS Team

#HEETalkLearn Posts That Worked (May 1st):
Midwestern University’s Creative Masks Instagram Post
ODU Padlet Walls for the Class of 2020 (Graduates, Family & Friends)
Niagara College Canada’s Graduation Celebration for international programs YouTube Video
Michigan State University’s Class of 2020 Celebration Video:

We didn’t edit the caption file for the Q&A, so you can evaluate transcription quality in Zoom.’s newest feature offers live, interactive transcripts of your Zoom meetings (TechCrunch)

April 24: Engaging & Supporting Alumni 100% Online

Kelly Holdcraft (William & Mary) and Robert Bochnak (Harvard Business School) presented a 15-minute session on “Engaging and supporting alumni” in 2 parts:
“Going digital with your events for alumni ”
“ Amplifying your online events for alumni ”

April 24 Resources

Going digital with your events for alumni
Virtual Engagement Opportunities – William & Mary website
Amplifying your online events for alumni
Crisis Management for Leaders Webinar Videos #1, #2, #3 and #4

#HEETalkLearn Posts That Worked (April 24):

Anice Barbosa’s process for Wheaton College’s AR Instagram filter
WSU “In My Own Words” series with students athletes
NYU Binge Watching — Proudly Instagram post
WVU Best of Binge Twitter competition
UNL Self-Care Tips Medium Post
University of Michigan “Social Distancing and You” Video

University of Toronto
Mind Control: Managing Your Mental Health During COVID-19 – Free Coursera Course by Professor Steve Joordens, University of Toronto
Free online course for U of T alumni: learn coping skills for managing your mental health during COVID-19

April 17: Going with Plan B for Graduation Day

Christine DeHahn Pass (Purdue University) and Jon McBride (BYU) presented a 14-minute session on “Going with Plan B for Graduation Day” in 2 parts:
“Planning an on-demand commencement”
“Celebrating the Class of 2020 — differently”

We’ve also highlighted the virtual commencement in Minecraft planned on May 22, 2020 by Quaranteen University, a group of students.

April 17 Resources

Planning for an on-demand commencement
Purdue University’s Commencement Website
Celebrating the Class of 2020 — differently:
How to make an Instagram Video of you talking to the camera (PNG file)
Quaranteen University May 22 Commencement Ceremony
Quaranteen University Website
List of schools (domain names) with students enrolled for May 22 Commencement Ceremony in Minecraft (Google Sheet)

#HEETalkLearn Posts That Worked (April 17):
NYU Steinhardt’s Hero Profile
Le Moyne College’s Hero Profile
Franklin & Marshall College’s Virtual Club Fair Instagram Highlight
MSU Texas’s “Spell Your Name” Workout Facebook Post
Kent State’s “Conference Call” for Mascots Twitter Post
University at Albany’s “Catch Damien” Twitter Post
University at Albany Brendon Phillips’ “Catch the Mascot” Tutorial
Missouri State to recognize spring #BearGrads at traditional ceremonies

April 10: Engaging and Supporting Admitted Students

Nitasha Maindiratta (NYU) and Nicole Crozier (University of Victoria) presented a 14-minute session on Engaging and supporting admitted students in 2 parts:
“Hosting live admissions online events”
“Going asynchronous with admitted students”

April 10 Resources

Hosting live admissions online events:
NYU Steinhardt Yield Social Media Toolkit (Google Doc)

#HEETalkLearn Posts That Work (April 10):
Bowdoin Dining Favorite Recipes Instagram Story Highlight
Bowdoin Dining Services Instagram account
Bowdoin College sharing 1st recipe on main Instagram account
WVU “Pick your Quarantine House” (Twitter)
Democracy Woofs podcast announcement (Facebook)
Henry’s Community Challenge – guidelines for admitted students (PDF)

April 3: The Online Classroom as a New Digital Communication Channel

Jenna Spinelle (Penn State) and Andrew Cassel (Middlebury College) presented about a 12-minute session on the online classroom as a new digital communication channel in higher ed:
“Helping faculty, your new digital influencers”
“How to create campus Zoom backgrounds”

April 3 Resources

Helping faculty, your new digital influencers:
Tips and ideas to help Faculty for their Zoom Classroom
Setting up a virtual Zoom classroom for administrators (PDF)
How to secure your Zoom classroom for faculty
How to create campus Zoom backgrounds:
5-steps to make a great video loop for a Zoom backgrounds
Virtual Backgrounds (Video + Article by Zoom)
How to use Zoom virtual backgrounds + 10 templates (Article by Canva)

#HEETalkLearn Posts That Work (April 3):
WVU Country Roads Video
BYU Faculty COVID-19 related expert videos
Quick overview of the process used by UTK for the VFL Class Crash
Lauren and Thomas Rhett Akins surprise Nursing Students
VFL Class Crash: Peyton Manning Drops In [Video]

March 27: Optimizing Crisis Communications on the Fly

Nicole Carlone Losi (Kent State University) shared a case study on crisis communications on the fly and answered questions from the audience.

March 27 Resources

Optimizing crisis communications on the fly:
Kent State University COVID-19 Information Website with FAQs
Social Media Canned Responses Template (Google Doc)

#HEETalkLearn Posts That Work (March 27):
Rainbow Wong’s HKUMed #BingoChallenge Template
Canva’s Bingo Card for Instagram Story Template
Katie Halberg’s Advice for Parents FB Post Template
Jon McBride’s “Extreme Remote Teaching” Instagram Photo Album

March 20: What Higher Ed Content Can You Share Now?

Morgan Goff (WVU), Jon McBride (BYU) and Katie Halberg (WSU) talked about the higher ed content we can post NOW and answered questions from the audience.

March 20 Resources

Supporting and Engaging with Answers by Morgan Goff
Question/Answer Triage Template (Google Doc)
Showing and Sharing New Work Environments by Katie Halberg

Email template to request photos from Faculty (Google Doc)
Helping Students Transition to Online by Jon McBride

President’s video
Faculty’s videos for students
Email template to request video from Faculty (Google Doc)
How to make an Instagram video

March 13: Lessons Learned in Hong Kong “Managing” COVID-19 on Social Media

Rainbow Wong shareed lessons learned and tips managing with her team social media for LKS Faculty of Medicine (The University of Hong Kong) since the start of the COVID-19 outbreak in Asia — 6 weeks before it hit the rest of the world.