Stop the Presses: Why and how to go digital with your magazine or newsletter
On-demand available until March 31st 2010

“Stop the Presses” is a 3-webinar series that will show you why more and more higher ed institutions have gone digital with their news-oriented publications. It will also help you get ready for an eventual switch from print to electronic or to better integrate both media at your institution by sharing winning strategies, lessons learned and practical advice from editors of higher ed digital magazines.

This series was recorded in July 2009.

Going Paperless: How to prepare and survive the transition from print to digital
John Lofy, Editor of Michigan Today, will explain why and how his 40-year old alum magazine took the paperless route by switching to a web magazine combined with an email newsletter. He will share lessons learned, practical tips and advice to prepare and survive this major change.

Paper and Pixels 101
Bonny Griffith, Editor of Fuse at Ithaca College, will tell you why and how her 2-year old hybrid print and digital magazine helped her institution reach prospective students. She will also share some winning strategies to integrate and optimize efforts using both media.

The Editor’s Guide to the Digital Galaxy: How to edit a paperless and multimedia magazine
Karl L. Bates, Manager of Research Communications and Editor of Duke Research will explain what it means to go from print to digital for writers and editors. He will share practical tips, winning strategies and useful pointers to write and edit a multimedia, digital and paperless magazine.

What you will learn:

  • Tips and advice to help you move from a print publication to a digital one
  • Strategies on integrating and optimizing a hybrid print/digital approach
  • Pointers on going digital for writers and editors

Who should attend and why:

  • Primary audience: magazine editors, writers, publication officers.
  • May also attend: web developers, web editors. While this webinar is not targeted to technical experts, web developers and editors can get a feeling of the challenges and strategies of moving from print to web or of integrating both worlds.


john_lofyJohn Lofy, Editor – University of Michigan

John Lofy is the editor of Michigan Today, an online alumni publication of the University of Michigan. He led the magazine’s transformation from a quarterly print magazine to a combined Website/electronic newsletter.

A University of Michigan alumnus himself, he earned a Master of Fine Arts degree in fiction and taught writing in the U-M English Department. Before taking over Michigan Today, he worked for eight years as a freelance writer with a particular interest in environmental reporting.

Bonny Georgia Griffith<Bonny Georgia Griffith, Associate Director of Recruitment Marketing – Ithaca College

Bonny Georgia Griffith is the associate director for recruitment marketing at Ithaca College where she directs integrated undergraduate recruitment marketing strategies, manages the admission web presence and prospective student portal, and serves as executive editor of Fuse, a quarterly magazine and companion website aimed at prospective students.

Bonny led the launch of Fuse in the spring of 2007, and it serves as the centerpiece of Ithaca’s peer-to-peer communications strategy for undergraduate recruitment. Fuse provides firsthand perspectives on the Ithaca experience through stories and photography created by current IC students. Under the direction of professional editors, a team of student staff and contributors create original features, news, blogs, Q&As, videos, photo galleries, and more.

Bonny is an Ithaca alumna and award-winning freelance writer. She has worked in IC’s Office of Marketing Communications since 2002. Prior to Ithaca she spent nearly 10 years freelancing for leading technology publications ranging from FamilyPC to Network World. She’s been making the connection between print and Internet publishing since 1994, when AOL was still in its infancy.
bates_karlKarl L. Bates, Manager of Research Communications – Duke University News Service

A 15-year veteran of newspaper journalism, Karl now writes and edits coverage of research news from all units of Duke University, including Arts & Sciences, the Nicholas School of the Environment, the Pratt School of Engineering and Duke Medicine.

He’s also the editor of Duke Research, a monthly online magazine and email. He is a member of the National Association of Science Writers and a former winner of the AAAS science writing award.

Registration fees:

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