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valerie foxValerie Fox, Director of Agency@Bentley at Bentley University, is one of the 12 higher ed professionals presenting at the 2015 Higher Ed Content Conference (April 15).

In this 3-question interview, Valerie discusses the state of content at her institution, how she measures content performance and shares some advice to create content for higher ed.

1) Would you say that digital content has now the place it deserves at your institution?

While the Marketing & Communication function has emphasized creating and leveraging content to reach our audiences, we still see opportunities to leverage content throughout the engagement cycle with prospects, students and alumni across the institution.

Like other higher ed institutions, we have distributed ownership of these communication programs and as such, will need to work with colleagues in other divisions to produce and leverage content to reach their audiences.

2) How do you measure the performance and/or the impact of your content at your school? How does this help you with the content creation process?

This is a huge opportunity for us – we are creating interesting content but need to think about promotion and distribution channels (ie, performance) *before* we craft the content, not after.

This will help ensure our content is optimized for sharing and organic traffic and generates traffic when it’s published.

3) Can you share the best piece of advice or lesson you learned about creating content for higher ed?

Don’t let perfection be the enemy of good – just get started and measure and iterate along the way!

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