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Rob PasquinucciRob Pasquinucci, Director of Marketing Communication at University of Cincinnati, is one of the 12 higher ed professionals presenting at the 2015 Higher Ed Content Conference (April 15).

In this 3-question interview, Rob discusses the state of content at his institution, how he measures content performance and shares some advice to create content for higher ed.

1) Would you say that content has now the place it deserves at your institution?

I would say it is starting to get the place it deserves at my institution.

We have some very clever people who are doing the right things with some very good content, but I would like to see the concept of being a content producer continue to trickle down to a departmental and even faculty level.

2) How do you measure the performance and/or the impact of your content at your school? How does this help you with the content creation process?

In my college, we are starting to measure click-through rates and other metrics but certainly need to do more.

We are also looking at the beginning of the process to determine what our target audiences look at to inform what we put in eNewsletters, emails to prospective students etc.

3) Can you share the best piece of advice or lesson you learned about creating content for higher ed?

This is some advice I just recently heard – if you are going to create content that is useful, i.e., provides information, you should make sure you’re providing well vetted, accurate information.

Think about the things you tear out of magazines – what if they turned out to be incorrect recipes or wrong information? Would you trust those sources again?

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