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lindsay nyquistLindsay Nyquist, Social Media & Video Coordinator at Fort Lewis College, is one of the 12 higher ed professionals presenting at the 2015 Higher Ed Content Conference (April 15).

In this 3-question interview, Lindsay discusses the state of content at her institution, how she measures content performance and shares some advice to create content for higher ed.

1) Would you say that content has now the place it deserves at your institution?

Content is making its way to the level of importance it deserves.

When our administration approved a Social Media Coordinator position in 2011, I had renewed faith in the institution’s dedication to digital content and technology.

More positions in Marketing & Communications have been created since then, but we could still use a few more to operate at a level of excellence.

2) How do you measure the performance and/or the impact of your content at your school? How does this help you with the content creation process?

I gather metrics monthly on engagement among our top platforms and review for spikes in activity related to content.

I teach in my social media classes that the cardinal rule of content is: “Post what your fans want to see, not just what you want to post.” Keeping that in mind helps me remember to have fun with my content creation instead of just trying to represent events and deadlines.

3) Can you share the best piece of advice or lesson you learned about creating content for higher ed?

Don’t be afraid to try new things!

In a world where our technology is constantly evolving, experiment with new platforms and tactics instead of just doing what you’ve always done.

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