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Almost 1000 Higher Ed Experts!

A month ago when I introduced Nikki Sunstrum’s conference keynote in Boston, I got a chance to thank the higher ed community for the contributions hundreds of its members made to help grow the professional online school for higher ed digital marketers and communicators Higher Ed Experts has become over the last 10 years.

Karine Joly introducing Nikki Sunstrum's keynote - photo: Nikki Sunstrum.

Instructors, students, speakers, conference attendees, guest bloggers and social media influencers working in higher ed have contributed to build this atypical online school I dreamed of in April 2007.

In Boston, I told the large audience gathered for the keynote that Higher Ed Experts didn’t count just a handful (the size of our current faculty team) or three dozens (the number of speakers presenting at our annual conferences) experts, but almost a thousand, the total alum population of our professional certificate programs.

New developments in the Faculty team

While I didn’t know it yet last month in Boston, an unexpected new development in the professional career of our most senior Faculty member, Prof Joshua, is going to illustrate the point I made that day.

Joshua DodsonJoshua Dodson has just accepted the position of Director of Integrated Marketing at a higher ed marketing agency and will leave his position at Bentley University by the end of the month. This is a great news for institutions looking for a very knowledgeable consultant.

Unfortunately, this also means that the course session starting next Monday will also be Prof Joshua’s last one, because Higher Ed Experts Faculty can’t work for an organization actively marketing to our student and alum population.

This policy aligned with the core values and the mission of our 10-year old school has led me to make this tough decision. Prof Joshua was an important member of our Faculty team and has become a personal friend over the 6 years I had the pleasure to work with him. Yet, a Higher Ed Experts instructor can’t teach and consult for the same target audience at the same time.

New teaching opportunities for digital experts in higher education

When a member of the Faculty at your school leaves for another institution, teaching must – and does – go on. This isn’t any different at our school, just a little bit easier, actually. The transition can go even more smoothly, because we keep using (and updating) all our course materials.

Faculty Team

Since Joshua’s course load was very heavy, I plan to recruit 2 (maybe 3) new instructors to teach the Higher Ed Experts’ courses in Web Analytics and Search Engine Optimization. We are also starting the search for a second instructor for our Web Writing course to teach along with our current instructor, Sofia Tokar.

Holly Sherburne and Jessica Stutt, the instructors of our course on social media measurement for higher ed, are already our designated substitutes for any temporary needs in Web Analytics.

So, I can take the time to find the right fit for these new teaching assignments. This is why I’ve decided to be so transparent about the whole process: I want to make sure all the interested and qualified members of our community get a chance to apply to join our Faculty team.

We plan to launch new courses in 2018, so this is definitely an exciting time to become part of the Faculty.

So, what does the job of a Faculty member at Higher Ed Experts entail?

As an online instructor, you are more than a sage on the stage. Our courses have been developed over the years with the expertise of our instructors, the latest research findings in instructional design I’ve incorporated but also the feedback and contributions of our students.

As a Higher Ed Experts Faculty member, you are the guardian and the curator of your course quality and relevance.

With your online students, all peers from other universities or colleges, you act as a facilitator of class discussions, a coach and a mentor by providing detailed feedback on practical assignments and a subject matter expert by addressing and answering questions.

As a Higher Ed Experts team member, you can also share your experience and expertise by giving presentations at our annual online conferences and by writing articles for Faculty Voices, our online publication showcasing scholarship and thought leadership.

This is an adjunct position with a compensation proportional to your teaching load as well as many opportunities to raise attention to your professional brand, expertise and reputation in the higher ed marketing professional community.

All of our instructors works full-time for an institution, so you can work whenever it’s convenient for you as long as you meet the feedback and grading deadlines when your course is in session.

What are the requirements?

I’d like to hear from you if you:

  • currently work in a full-time capacity at an institution of higher education
  • can demonstrate proven expertise in the subject matter you want to teach (work projects, conference presentations, blog posts, case studies, etc.)
  • have a Master’s (doesn’t have to be in the topic you want to teach) or at least 10 years of experience in higher education
  • are familiar with our conferences and professional certificate courses

Applications from Higher Ed Experts Alums are welcomed and encouraged.

How to apply to join Higher Ed Experts Faculty Team?

Please email me at Karine@higheredexperts your resume or a link to your LinkedIn profile with a short note indicating the course you are interested in teaching (Web Analytics, SEO or Web Writing) as well as this extra information in the following cases:

  • For the Web Analytics courses, please include your HEDMAR score. If you haven’t taken this online assessment of higher ed analytics practices yet, please do now at http://higheredexperts.com/HEDMAR. This will take you 7 minutes.
  • For the Web Writing course, please include 3 links to web copy you have written for your school or online publications (blogs, LinkedIn, magazines, etc.)

Got questions?

I love questions, so just email me at karine@higheredexperts.com

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