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Jeff StevensJeff Stevens, Assistant Web Manager at UF Health, is one of the 12 presenters of the 2018 Higher Ed Content Conference.

In this 3-question interview, Jeff tells us about the best content advice ever, content performance measurement and a favorite content tool.

1) What is the best advice you’ve ever been given when it comes to content?

Last year I saw a slide from a presentation by Malaika Carpenter where she presented the idea of Minimal Viable Content (MVC). As a phrase, this resonates with me, as it encapsulates why it’s important to create simple, effective content: we’re respecting the time of the user, the time of content creators with limited resources, and the digital team responsible for putting it online. It’s helped me to refine my processes in looking at our content and finding ways to reduce the transactional costs of maintaining each page.

2) How is the performance of your content measured/evaluated at your school?

UF Health Web Services’ primary focus is evaluating our content effectiveness for our clinical health mission, which is measured in how well we connect our patients to care resources. We use Google Analytics with goal tracking to evaluate a patient’s journey through our site towards making an appointment. We evaluate how often users utilize certain pages in their decision-making process, and adjust our sites accordingly to make them as straightforward as possible.

3) What is your favorite content tool?

AirTable has quickly become my favorite tool for content execution and planning. It’s an incredibly flexible tool that can be used to build databases for various workflows and processes and allows for collaboration and approval sign-offs. With Zapier, it can be used to integrate with a variety of additional applications and tools. We’re currently using it for content audits, migrations, and for our social media editorial calendar at UF Health and it has improved the communication process around these projects immensely.

A conference focusing on higher ed content?

The Higher Ed Content Conference is a must-attend event for higher ed content professionals and teams looking for new ideas and best practices.

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