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Derek DuPontDerek DuPont, Social Media Manager at the Ohio State University, is one of the 12 presenters of the 2019 Higher Ed Content Conference.

In this 4-question interview, Derek shares with us thoughts on content creation process and measurement, interesting higher ed content and a favorite tool.

1) What does your content creation process look like?

Our first step in creating content is to get really focused on the question of, “who is this for?” Once we identify our primary audience(s) this helps us determine which platform(s) the content will be created for. From here, we are able to start the process of brainstorming the creative approach and medium with audience and platform strategy in mind. In my role, I work to merge these strategies with the content our teams are creating to maximize the effectiveness of the final product.

2) How is the performance of your content measured at your school?

Based on the role organic social media plays in the funnel at Ohio State, we look to engagement metrics, such as rates, total engagements and engagements per follower relative to peer institutions, as our main KPIs for content on our social platforms. We run monthly tests of paid content types to be sure we are continually optimizing our content. We test things such as video vs. photo, copy length, video length, post structure and subject matter. Beyond these isolated tests, we consistently tag our posts and gather data to inform our content decisions, from subject matter to creative approach. We are constantly working toward a data-driven approach to content.

3) Share 3 pieces of higher ed content that made you envious or proud

There are a few pieces of content that I have seen in higher ed recently that have caught my attention.

First up, University of Oregon’s 2018 Was Big video. In this video, Oregon did a fantastic job of quickly (40 seconds) showcasing various highlights from the year while keeping the YouTube audience in mind through fast paced editing, bold colors and energetic music.

Next, University of Phoenix’s A University Built for Working Adults. This video really hits the mark for emotive storytelling. In one minute, it manages to bring you into the subject’s life and effectively relates to their primary audience; working adults. Well done, University of Phoenix.

And finally, a student-focused video we recently created as part of our #BuckeyeLove campaign. Our team worked closely with a student host to tap into the energy of campus in a candid and authentic way. The result is an energetic and relatable video to connect students to the overarching campaign.

4) What’s your favorite new tool for your work with content?

My favorite tool for content, specifically content creation, is the DJi Ronin-S. This DSLR gimbal makes it incredibly easy to capture highly professional content with a skeleton crew and a small gear investment.

Our team uses the DJi Ronin-S along with the DJi Osmo Pocket for social video shoots, which allow us to be flexible and mobile. While it is always helpful to have experience in video, these tools make it easy to take your social production level up a notch without having to dive too far into the technical details.

A conference focusing on higher ed content?

The Higher Ed Content Conference is a must-attend event for higher ed content professionals and teams looking for new ideas and best practices.

Read below what a few of your higher ed colleagues who attended the past editions of the Higher Ed Content Conference say about the experience.

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