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36 Inspiring Higher Education Social Media Campaigns and Ideas
From Higher Ed Experts

Top Takeaways from the 2019 HighEdWeb Conference by Erika Boltz #heweb19
From Higher Ed Experts

Digital Leadership in Higher Education
From Higher Ed Tales

Having a Conversation About Social Media Accessibility
From Jon-Stephen Stansel

Mark Zuckerberg Says the Real Threat is TikTok and China
From Mashable

Higher Ed Analytics Conference

Other News

Higher Ed Social Media Talks with Molly Mattison, Senior Marketing Manager – Adtalem Global Education
From Higher Ed Experts

NYC, Blood (Lots of Blood), and the Annual Social Media Strategies Summit
From LinkedIn

Panel Recap: Social Media Strategies Summit Higher Education
From LinkedIn

Top Sessions and Content from the 2019 HighEdWeb Conference #heweb19
From Higher Ed Experts

Fewer Chinese Students at Many Campuses
From Inside Higher Ed

How Tech Companies Are Selling Colleges on Mass Data Collection
From Ed Surge

Prioritizing Privacy
From Inside Higher Ed

New Facebook Features Fight Election Lies Everywhere But Ads
From Tech Crunch

TikTok’s New Set of Safety Videos Teach Users About Features, the App’s Focus on ‘Positivity’
From Tech Crunch

Snapchat Beats in Q3, Adding 7MUsers & Revenue Up 50%
From Tech Crunch

Missed last week’s newsletter? #HEWEB19 Short Selection, Colgate Redesign, Designing for users with dyslexia, TitTok video editor and more
From Higher Ed Experts

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