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5 Ways To Annoy A Social Media Manager
By Matt Horne

Why you should have one Facebook Page — take 3
By Matt Hames

A Strong Digital Marketing Strategy Needs SEO
By Kayla Manning

Best higher ed content trends in 2020 — and the worst, too
By 12 Higher Ed Professionals

Conferences and COVID-19
By Joshua Kim

Other News

Let’s talk Higher Ed Content Talks with AJ Lopez III, Manager, Digital Marketing & Social Media – Midwestern State University
By Karine Joly

Why Do Students Choose Two-Year Schools?
By Marie Toohey

How Colleges Are Thinking Differently to Serve Adult Students
By Rebecca Koenig

Let’s talk Higher Ed Content Talks with Molly Gluck, Digital Communications and Public Relations Associate – Boston University
By Karine Joly

Cross-Cultural Design
A List Apart

Clearview AI’s client list includes 2,200 organizations spanning law enforcement to universities
The Verge

YouTube is experimenting with letting creators sell ads directly to brands
The Verge

Reddit CEO: TikTok is ‘fundamentally parasitic’

Missed last week’s newsletter? 2020 Higher Ed Content Trends, Anxious vs. Zen Design, COVIT-19, RFPs, Why TikTok & VR Grads
By Karine Joly

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