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Chelsey_RovestiChelsey Rovesti, Manager of Social Media at Point Park University, is one of the 12 presenters of the 3rd Higher Ed Social Media Conference.

In this 3-question interview, Chelsey tells us how she manages social media, shares a surprising social media outcome and tackles the tough ROI question.

1) How do you manage your activity on social media?

Although it sounds cliché, I really couldn’t do it without the rest of the web communications team, as well as our awesome student workers and apprentices. The web team is fantastic at finding stories to tell on our website that I can push through social media, and our student workers are our “boots on the ground” who help give us ideas on how to reach current and future students. If you haven’t brought students in to your brainstorms yet, I highly recommend it; they bring a tremendous insider perspective. Aside from working with my team, I use Sprout Social for day-to-day management and analytics reporting. Sprout Social’s Google analytics integration makes it easy for me to get a snapshot view of how social media is driving web traffic.

2) What’s the most surprising social media outcome you’ve experienced this year? What did you learn?

Not necessarily surprising, but I am really happy to see how Facebook video has taken off. I am excited to see how it continues to progress and how we can continue to optimize our video content with Facebook in mind.

3) How do you approach the question of return on investment (ROI) when it comes to social media?

We take a look at weekly and monthly analytics to determine what is working, what isn’t, and what we can be doing to improve. Each month, I produce a comprehensive social media report that takes a deep dive into qualitative and quantitative analytics on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google Analytics and competitors. Sprout Social is incredibly helpful in producing these reports and helps to save me time in reporting so I can focus on strategic planning.

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