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Great Websites Are Never Done
By Tera Buckley

Is Your Website Slow to Load? These Free Tools Can Help
By Whit Noble

Let’s talk Analytics with Mandee Englert, Asst. Director of Digital Strategy at Penn State University
By Karine Joly

Poster Presentations: Tips and Tricks
By Carolyn Trietsch – Inside Higher Ed

Instagram drops IGTV button, but only 1% downloaded the app

Other News

Let’s talk Analytics with Joshua Dodson, Vice President of Marketing & Innovation – VisionPoint Marketing
By Karine Joly

Advice for using a writing day most productively (opinion)
By Christine Tulley br/>
How Digital Analytics can Help Higher Ed Marketing and Communications Leaders
By the 12 HEA20 Speakers

Why (and how to) present and publish to advance your #highered career in 2020
By Karine Joly

S&P Issues Negative Outlook for Higher Ed
Inside Higher Ed

College students demand schools ban facial recognition

44% of TikTok’s all-time downloads were in 2019, but app hasn’t figured out monetization

YouTube launches Profile cards that show a user’s comment history

Twitch’s loss of top streamers impacts hours watched and streamed in Q4 2019, report says

How to Scale Your Content Marketing: Tips from Our Journey to 100,000 Words a Month

Missed last week’s newsletter? Present in 2020! Analytics for #HigherEd Leaders, Proofread, Insta, TikTok & CSS Grid
By Karine Joly

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