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Posts that Works from the #HEETalkLearn Speakers & Attendees

Every week at the Higher Ed Experts’ Free Friday Talk & Learn we have a 10-min session on a given topic (Optimizing Crisis Communications on the Fly last week), but I also share a quick (2- to 3-min top) round up of the best performing posts of the previous week suggested by speakers and attendees. along with templates when possible.

Resources & templates

#HEETalkLearn Posts That Work (March 27):
Rainbow Wong’s HKUMed #BingoChallenge Template
Katie Halberg’s Advice for Parents FB Post Template
Jon McBride’s “Extreme Remote Teaching” Instagram Photo Album

Weekly Talk & Learn on Fridays: free and to-the-point, but you need to register

If you want a weekly check-in with members of the higher ed digital communication, marketing, web and social media community, we’ve decided to host free “Talk & Learn” online meetings every Friday until further notice.

When you register, you can tell us what you’d like to see covered.

30 Min Talk & Learn Sq

I will use Higher Ed Experts’ Zoom “computer audio” (no phone line!) meeting room for these weekly free 30-min Talk & Learn.

So, you need to register ASAP to reserve your free virtual seat.

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