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I couldn’t make the trip to Milwaukee this year to attend the 2019 HighEdWeb Conference, but I was still able to find some great content shared on Twitter, the conference website and the journal Link.

So, I’ve decided to create this short selection of what I found the most interesting after spending a few hours watching, browsing and reading.

Watch the best session of the 2019 HighEdWeb Conference

Be the MVP of Managers by Joel Vertin, Director of Digital Services at Michigan Tech (Voted best session of the 2019 HighEdWeb Conference)
Watch Joel Vertin’s session if you want to hear great ideas, tips, frameworks and good advice to help anybody become a better manager in higher education.

Short on time?
You can browse through Joel’s Google Slides!

Best of Track Sessions (Red Stapler Winners)

Building Trust in a Time of Uncertainty: A Video Series and Social Strategy That Could by Krista Boniface and Lisa Lightbourn (University of Toronto)

Make Every Day a Giving Day: How Dartmouth’s Campaign Site Encourages Participation by Sarah Maxell Crosby (Dartmouth College)
You can read the great detailed post about Sarah’s session written by Jackie Vetrano for Link.

Simplified Accessibility Guidelines for HighEd Content Contributors by Norma Stary (Fashion Institute of Technology)
You can read the great detailed post about Norma’s session written by Becca Rodgers for Link and browse through the slides of this session on Slideshare.

Get. Stuff. Done. by Day Kibilds (Western University)
You can browse through the slides of this session to get some useful tips on how to be more efficient with email, meeting scheduling, collaborative writing and editing and more.

Amplify Your Academics: How We’re Creating a Win-Win Solution in a Decentralized Web Structure by Meaghan Milliorn (University of Arkansas at Little Rock)
You can browse through the slides of this session to learn more about this great case study.

Hacking Lemons Into Accessible Lemonade, Squeezed By Your Current Editing Environment by Kaitlyn Goodall (Montana State University)
You can view or download a PDF version of this poster session.

A small selection of other interesting content shared at the conference

I’ve selected the following few Link posts, because they were particularly rich in takeaways. You can find the rest on the Link website.

The Next Layer: Baking in Accessibility Needs by Erika Boltz (UF Health & Higher Ed Experts Fellow)
You can watch Erika’s session on accessibility for social media.

No travel budget to present at or attend higher ed conferences?

That’s why our 4 annual conferences at Higher Ed Experts are all offered online.

If you’re into analytics and measurement, we have an open call for proposals (until Nov 13) for the 2020 Higher Ed Analytics Conference.
Sessions are only 10-minute long, but everybody loves them. Joel, Krista and Erika mentioned all above have presented in the past at Higher Ed Experts conferences.

2020 Higher Ed Analytics Conference

If you’re into social media, why not attend our upcoming conference, The 7th Higher Ed Social Media Conference (HESM19)?

This is a must-attend event for higher ed social media professionals and teams looking for inspiration, ideas and best practices to get ready for 2020.

Read below what your higher ed colleagues who attended the past editions of the Higher Ed Social Media Conference said about their experience.

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